Laser Strike

Missing Saturday Morning Kids Sport?

Laserstrike is running a kids only session from 9am - 10am as a substitute until Saturday morning sport returns. Cost per child for the hour is $6pp - you won't find better value than that!!  Spots for the Saturday 30th May are filling fast so call us on 03 3667595 to register or learn more.

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Kids Birthdays

Laserstrike is the perfect Birthday Party Venue.  The kids not only get to celebrate with their friends  - they get to use up all their energy by playing an interactive game full of high energy movement.  And because all this happens at our place and not yours the host parents can relax and join the fun! What's more the awesome Laserstrike staff will clean up after the human tornado's have finished!!

Let's party

Biggest Arena - Latest Equipment

We have two distinctive advantages over our competitors. We have BY FAR the BIGGEST Indoor Laser Tag Arena in Christchurch!! (and probably in all of New Zealand) and we are using the very latest and International award winning weapons!!

The Ancient Ruins Themed Arena spans over 600sq metres meaning all the social distancing rules are easily adhered to without interrupting the flow of any battle!
The vests and phasers are brand new for 2020 and, what's more, they are manufactured right here in Christchurch by our friends at Delta Strike!!

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