Laser Strike

Awesome Team Building Activity

Because Laserstrike is so interactive yet everyone plays at 'their own pace' it is a perfect event for work groups and teams of ANY age to connect, battle and laugh together!   Book now or find out more by calling (03) 366 7595. 

Get competitive

Best Venue and Equipment in Christchurch

By far the Biggest Arena - By far the Best Equipment! Groups of any size and people of all ages guaranteed to have a BLAST making it the ideal PARTY venue! Open 7days - 10am till Late.

Let's party

Massive Arena - Best Equipment - PERIOD!

Keep us in mind for when Covid-19 is kicked to the curb. We are well known as perfect venue to celebrate kids birthdays, but we are sooooo much more than that. We are the ultimate venue for interactive fun for any group and of any age. The game is easy to play and can be played with both stealth and gile as well as a kamikaze and reckless approach. It all creates variety and FUN!!

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