Laser Strike

Kids Birthdays

Laser Strike is the perfect Birthday Party Venue.  The kids not only get to celebrate with their friends  - they get to use up all their energy by playing an interactive game full of high energy movement.  And because all this happens at our place and not yours the host parents can relax and join the fun! What's more, the awesome Laser Strike staff will clean up after the human tornado's have finished!!

Let's party

Our Mission

Is simple.  To be the best indoor group entertainment venue in Christchurch - and given all the customer feedback we think we are reaching our goals.  Our arena is huge, our staff are interactive and the games are designed to be played by EVERYONE - young or old, fit or ... not so fit!  Can take large group bookings of up to 40 players so ideal for those larger groups!  


Xmas Present

A Laser Strike gift card is an excellent present for those 'Hard to Buy' for kids and families.  Buying an experience far outweighs buying another toy that gets used for 5 mins and then is confined to a wardrobe as additional clutter!! The good news is there is NO SHORTAGE of vouchers available!! 

Gift Cards

What is Laserstrike?

It is an interactive and adrenaline filled game where you battle as part of a team or go it alone. You have two weapon systems at your disposal, a PHASER for your long shots and a BLASTER that is short-range but can hit multiple targets at once. You wear a PROTECTIVE SHIELD that not only tells you when you are being shot at, but will protect you for several hits. The objective is score as many points by tagging the opposition and destroying their shields. Get additional points by tagging smart sensors in the arena. Rapid fire and shield boost are also readily available if your dare enter the fortified areas!! However, lose your shield and you’re out of the game for around 10 seconds before you power back up for more ACTION!!

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