Laser Strike

Lights. Lasers. Action.

Enter into an unknown realm of dark mystery, anticipation and adrenalin. Does victory or peril await you? Operating since 1987, Laser Strike has been a mainstay of the Christchurch entertainment scene for decades. We have one simple mission and that's to provide the best group entertainment activity in Christchurch.


Bring your best shot.

Laser Strike is a unique experience; it's active, interactive, competitive and fun. The mysterious black-lit arena is designed for good game flow with plenty of nooks, pillars and levels from which to launch a stealthy assault. Fast-paced music and enigmatic lighting create a thrilling ambience. And because the action happens indoors, it's 'game on' rain or shine.


Game on.

2 teams with a 3 shot tag is our standard game but just let us known if you want to mix it up.  We have a whole menu of games and our experienced staff will provide advice on what game options are available to suit YOUR group.  We have Agents, Hunter, Gladiator just to name a few as well as our classic 2 or 3 teams games and the Laser Strike F.F.A. (free for all) - no friends, just FOE!

Game Options

Choose to play one game or two. A game is 15 mins long, and if you're playing two, there's 15 mins to refresh in between.

One Game


Per person

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Two games


Per person

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Hire A Room

Book our party room for your group and either BYO food and drink or keep it super simple and order in some pizzas. When you're done, you can leave the mess to us. Room hire is $50 for 45mins.

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  • Why don't you have an automated booking system?

    Laserstrike does not use an automated system as it is important we match players of a similar age - both for safety and player enjoyment.  The automated booking means there are no controls and you could have big age discrepancies.  We have our online booking system that enables us to age group appropriately and we welcome phone enquiries/bookings to make your experience with us as seamless and as enjoyable as we can.

  • Is there a minimum and maximum number of people per booking?

    The minimum required is 3, however if you are less than that just give us a buzz and we can match you in a game with others of a similar age.  Our Maximum is 32 and because our Arena is HUGE (by far the biggest in Canterbury) even when we are at 32 there are still places to hide and use stealth - or simply go into battle with you frenemies.



  • Why are you more expensive than other Laser Tag venues?

    Our pricing is only slightly higher than our competition but the difference in 'actual value' is ENORMOUS!!  Our themed black-lit arena is the largest - and by a significant margin - in Canterbury (if not NZ!!) Our vests and phasers are an advanced system that does not have a 'toy' look or feel to it. We specialise in Laser Tag and our themed party rooms give a level of containment and separation from other customers. Because of all this our prices represent excellent value.  We do provide off peak rates for groups or birthdays between Monday and Thursdays, give us a call to discuss. 

  • How long does a game last?

    Games are 15 minutes each. If you're playing the double game there is a short break in between. Also, please be here at least 10 minutes before your booking so we can get you into your gear and give you a mission briefing.

  • Is Laser Strike suitable for my 8 year old's birthday party?

    Yes. Run around, shout and scream, jump, zap things with a laser – what’s not for kids to love about Laser Strike? With easy to use gear and a specially lit arena, it’s suitable for all ages, even kids as young as 5 love shooting their way to glory!

  • Is there wheelchair access?

    Yes, Laserstrike and our arena are wheelchair accessible.

  • Will there be others playing at the same time?

    When its busy yes, we do book in similar age groups at the same time.  If you come during off peak times then there is every chance you can get exclusive use of the arena.

  • Do you need to book to play Laserstrike?

    While we do take walk-ins It’s always best to book before coming to Laserstrike.  However if all else fails give us a call in advance and we will almost certainly get you into battle.  366 7595.

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