Laser Strike

Suitable for all Ages and Abilities

Laserstrike can be played in so many different ways making it suitable for all ages and physical abilities.  It is low impact and can be played with stealth and gile or, for those with more exuberance, they can adopt a higher energy style of play. Laserstrike is not about how fast you move - it's how well you aim that really counts!! AND we are a wheel chair friendly arena! 


Bring your best shot.

Laser Strike is a unique experience; it's active, interactive, competitive and fun. The mysterious black-lit arena has a thrilling and exciting ambiance with plenty of nooks, pillars and levels from which to launch a stealthy assault. Shoot the 'power up' screens and get the temporary advantages of Rapid Fire and Hyper Shield to make you even harder to take down!!  Tactics and gile are often more effective and rewarding than reckless abandonment - which is actually pretty fun too though!!   


Game on.

Because we're indoors it's always Game On - rain or shine!!  There is a huge selection of games we can program which match any group sizes from 3 up.  The Arena is that MASSIVE!  We are the perfect venue for large groups that all want to play at the same time. 

Game options

Choose to play either one or more games. Two games is our most popular option. Each game is 15 minutes long with a short break in the vesting room between when playing more than one game.

One Game


Per person

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Two games


Per person

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Three games


Per person

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Hire A Room

Book our party room for your group and either BYO food and drink or keep it super simple and order in some pizzas from our friends down at Pizza Hut. When you're done, you can leave the mess to us. Room hire is $65 for 45mins.

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  • Does it hurt when you get shot?

    No way!! You get tagged by your opponents and the only tangible pain is to your pride!!  Any further concerns please feel free to call and discuss 03 366 7595 

  • Do I need to know accurate numbers when I book?

     Not all all.   Just give us your best guess and we will create your booking.  The numbers can easily be adjusted on the day once it's confirmed how many have arrived to play.  Can you add more on the day?.. You betcha.. our experienced staff will get everyone in for a game and a whole lotta fun!

  • How long does a game last?

    Games are 15 minutes each. If you're playing the double or triple game there is a short break in between. Our 'unlimited game' nights run a little different so flick us a message if you want to know more about this. Please be here at least 10 minutes before your booking so we can get you into your gear and give you a mission briefing before the battle begins.

  • Is Laser Strike suitable for my 7 year old's birthday party?

    Yes. Run around, shout and scream, jump, zap things with a laser – what’s not for kids to love about Laser Strike? With easy to use gear and a specially lit arena, it’s suitable for all ages, even kids as young as 5 love shooting their way to glory! Our awesome staff are trained in what to do if we have a guest feel a little apprehensive of the dark or size of the arena so each soldier can have the best experience playing. 

  • Do you have specials?

    Yes we do.  During the weekdays we have special large group rates on request.  All our permanent deals are on our "offers" page on our website, or head to our social media pages for one off deals updated frequently.  Follow us on facebook at Laserstrikechch or on Instagram at Laserstrike_Christchurch

  • Will there be others playing at the same time?

    When its busy yes, we do our best to book in similar age groups at the same time.  If you come during 'off peak' times then there is every chance you will get exclusive use of the arena on request. Our staff are here to help and ease any concerns so feel free to give us a call and discuss.

  • Do you need to book to play Laserstrike?

    While we do take walk-ins It’s always best to book before coming to Laserstrike.  However if all else fails just head on in or call in advance and we will almost certainly get you into battle.  (03) 366 7595.

  • Can people with physical or mental challenges play?

    You bet!!! Laserstrike is wheel chair friendly including a lift to access our building.  Those who have challenges in their personal lives can still play and experience the adrenaline and buzz of playing Laserstrike. It truely is a game and a venue for EVERYBODY!!

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